7 Incredibly Simple Ways to Increase WordPress Security


Did you ever imagine what would you do if your WordPress website disappears?

It might sound rough, but this may happen to everyone just like it happened to me once.

WordPress security is something that you should take really seriously, because there are people who use vulnerable websites to their advantage.

Plus, there are disasters that might happen and you can lose your work forever.

But you can avoid this by taking some precaution measures for your WordPress website and increase its security.
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How to Install WordPress Themes

Install WordPress Theme

Now that you know how to install WordPress, it’s time to move into adding your first WordPress theme to your website.

If initially I was thinking to write a completely new tutorial on this, I have chosen to update an older tutorial which is now up to date.

So, if you would like learn how to install a WordPress theme, follow the link below:

How to Install a WordPress Theme

How to Manually Install WordPress

Install WordPress

I will start the series of WordPress tutorials with the basics: How to install WordPress.

This article will help you get started with WordPress and create your website/blog using the best Content Management Software out there.

You will learn what are the steps of setting up WordPress and how you can create a database in cPanel, phpMyAdmin or directly on Linux how you can add WordPress files via FTP or on Linux.

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